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The Importance of a Pest Inspection

When buying a house, you will have a variety of inspections, surveys, appraisals amongst other possible inspections. One of these important inspections is a pest inspection. A pest inspection may or may not uncover possible problems that a buyer would not be aware of unless a pest inspection is performed.

The importance of a pest inspection | Siesta Title

Pest inspections are very important to determine if there is an invasion of wood destroying insects. A licensed pest inspector knows exactly what to look for when it comes to these types of insects as the inspector can determine evidence of a problem which could be devastating to the building. The inspector can determine if there is an active infestation of wood destroying insects, with termites being the most common amongst other types of insects that can adversely affect a home or building. Knowing the results will allow a buyer to renegotiate to have a possible problem corrected prior to purchasing a home. Also, a mortgage lender will most likely require this type of inspection anyway as a protection measure to ensure their investment.

Wood Destroying Pest Inspection | Siesta Title

Just like insurance a pest inspection is an important part of making sure your investment is protected and addressing a potential pest problem before it becomes to serious is a key component in protecting your investment. If you need more information on this topic or any other help during the home buying process please feel free to contact the experts @ Siesta Title and Escrow at 941-889-7744.

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