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Maintaining your home appliances

Just as we maintain or insure our other investments, it is just as important to make sure we protect our home appliances. Appliances can be costly, but if we maintain them and/or purchase a home warranty plan that can cover repairs, you can keep them in good working order and get the most life out of them.

We maintain our vehicle investment by getting oil changes and tune ups to make sure we keep them in good working order in an effort to get the most out of them. So why not do the same with your home appliances? One of the most expensive home appliances is our HVAC systems. By having an annual maintenance check on your HVAC system, not only can you prevent a more costly repair, but the maintenance can prevent future repairs all together while keeping your system energy efficient which should lead to a lower energy bill.

This is also important for your other appliances. Maybe you won’t have annual services for stoves, dishwashers or other kitchen appliances, but you can be proactive in keeping the appliances clean and free of dirt and grime to keep it functioning as intended. You can also consider a home warranty plan that can cover some or all of the costs of appliance repairs. Most of these warranty companies will charge a small service fee in the event of a break down and then the coverage typically covers the repair or replacement of the appliance. It is definitely something to look into whether you have newer or older appliances.

Protecting our investments is always a smart idea! Keeping them working properly and efficiently will prevent you from having to replace them often which can be extremely costly. If you need help with this process be sure to contact Siesta Title & Escrow @ (941) 889 – 7744!

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