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We’ve just received our pre-approval letter from the bank and now we're ready to purchase a home

You’ve been pre-approved by your bank and are ready to start house shopping… but you’re not sure where to start. Deciding to buying a home is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. You’ll probably ask yourself where should I look? How big of a house do I need or want? What amenities should I look for? Etc.

Should I hire professionals?

First, you need to know the where. You’ll want to narrow down your search to the areas you’re thinking of living in. Once you have decided on an area or areas then you should consult with a local Realtor (and we happen to know a few 😊 ). Consulting with a Realtor is important because they can inform you of what your pre-approval amount can get you in a home. You’ll need to decide what your needs are in a home. A good example would be if you’re willing to do updates or if you’d prefer a turn key property. You should also comprise a wish list of the things you would like in a home but are not necessarily a must have. Doing these things will help your Realtor to not waste your time by showing you homes that are not going to work for you. Once the list has begun to really narrow down to about 5 properties or less, you’ll want to take the time to drive around and see what areas fit your wants and needs.

Taking the extra time to collect information on local schools, convenient travel times to work, heavily or low populated areas, will certainly make the home searching process much less stressful for everyone involved. All of the things mentioned above are just there to make sure that you’ve best decision possible. Purchasing a home can be a huge decision and if you need help with this process, or have any questions, be sure to contact Siesta Title & Escrow @ (941) 889 – 7744!


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