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Licensed Title Agent​ |

Amanda Pertuch was born and raised in the Philadelphia area where she worked for 10 years with her father in her family's commercial printing business. Because of this opportunity, Amanda became very interested and skilled in the bookkeeping aspect of the business. In 2005, Amanda moved to Florida and started working as a bookkeeper for a large condominium complex. A while after in 2012, Amanda moved over to the Real Estate industry and started working for Siesta Title & Escrow Services LLC.

Amanda enjoys spending time with her animals, kayaking, reading, art, knitting, crocheting, music, travelling, and hockey.


Licensed Title Agent |

Lauren Alcazar is a native Floridian, licensed title agent, and closer at Siesta Title and Escrow Services, LLC. She has been in the title industry since 2000 and has held her title agent license since 2006. When working with customers, Lauren places emphasis on communication, making sure everyone involved has a comfortable understanding of the process. Lauren puts pride and dedication into all aspects of her job. 

Lauren enjoy's spending time with her family, traveling and of course the beach!

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