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The Benefits of Getting to Know Your Neighbors

As a Florida homeowner, there are many things to consider to ensure the safety, security and serenity of your family. Everything from installing home alarm systems to child proofing, can help protect your family and give you the piece of mind you desire. But another important aspect that can add to your sense of being safe at home is simply getting to know your neighbors.

People say, “Good fences make good neighbors.” This may be true but good relationships can make better neighbors. Introducing yourself in person to your neighbors and checking in with them from time to time can help the both of you become familiar with each others routines, which can help if anything seems out of the ordinary.

A good neighbor can keep an eye on your home and property when you are away, let you know of any suspicious activity that might be going on in your neighborhood and be a resource for information for everything from handymen to home insurance issues. In addition, if you and your family are going out of town for a while, a good neighbor can be your eyes and ears at your house when you are not.

Getting to know those in your neighborhood can also help you resolve problems with your neighbors in the future. Barking dogs and property line disputes can be fixed a lot easier if you already have a friendly relationship with the person living next door. You don’t want the very first interaction with your neighbor to be when you need a favor from them or when you are upset with them.

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