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Three Ways Your Home Can Make You Money

If you're considering buying a home or you already own a home, there are a few ways your home can make you money.

The first way is by converting a room in your home into an office. If you are self-employed or have the ability to work from home, having a home office can save you money on transportation, wear and tear on your car and work clothing. While these costs may seem small, overtime they can really add up.

The second way you can use your home to make money is to get a roommate. There are a couple of benefits of having a roommate including splitting the costs of your mortgage, monthly bills and home repairs. Of course, there are safety concerns with bringing someone into your home but with the right precautions and the right person, it can be quite profitable.

Another way to make money with your home is to rent out a room periodically through websites like AirBnB. This allows you to bring in income without having a full-time roommate. Again there are somethings to think about in terms of safety but temporarily renting out a room might be the right option for you.

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