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Is a home inspection really necessary?

A home inspection is an integral part of the home buying process. A real estate transaction can be contingent on the home inspection and is significant for a buyer to determine whether their financial investment is a wise one. It also gives you leverage in negotiating or having the repairs done prior to closing on the property. To be as straight forward as possible, a home inspection is a necessary part of any home buying process.

The home inspection is a great tool for a seller as well. A seller can get a home inspection to see what needs addressing and have those things taken care of

prior to listing the property. Although, it is not a common practice for a seller to get a pre-listing home inspection it can be a great selling tool for the seller when presenting it to potential buyers. A buyer should make a home inspection a necessary part of their process as the minimal costs associated with the inspection is well worth the information they may learn from the results. If you think about it, you probably wouldn’t just buy a car without test driving it first so why wouldn’t you do the same when purchasing a home?

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