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Tips for selling a vacant home

Trying to sell a vacant home comes with its own challenges and difficulties, but there are things that you can do to make the best of the situation. Preparing your vacant home is key in this situation to make it as secure and inviting to a prospective buyer as possible.

First of all, a security system is important to keep vandals and squatters from targeting your home. The last thing you need is to have intruders cause damage to your home when you’re trying to sell it. Stopping your mail and newspaper subscriptions is helpful from making the home look vacant and also having a timer for lights to come on could be helpful to make it appear as if the home is occupied. Keeping the home as secure as possible is very

important so doing your due diligence to keep it as secure as possible during the selling process is worth the extra effort. Make sure you or someone you’ve hired is keeping the exterior and landscaping up to keep the home looking desirable for potential buyers, first impressions are lasting impressions and you want a potential buyer to know that your home is being maintained. Don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors to keep an eye out for you too.

Staging your home is very important as well. Having your home staged with furniture and accessories gives a potential buyer a view of how the house looks if it were occupied and makes it aesthetically inviting. This really helps because people are visual by nature and want to see what a home looks like with furniture, which will give them ideas on how their furniture would work

in different rooms of the house. Honestly, most of us would much rather see a home decorated and furnished as it gives a more inviting feeling and helps them imagine how each room would be used if they were to buy it.

All in all, protecting your home and presenting it to potential buyers in an inviting way will benefit your final goal of selling your home.

If you need more information on this topic or any other help during the home selling process please feel free to contact the experts @ Siesta Title and Escrow at (941) 889 - 7744.


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